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Program Description

The Associate of Ministry Program (A.Min) is designed to provide an introduction to the field of ministry for the beginning seminary student. The program is 60 semester hours in length and provides a Biblical foundation of study for all Christians and especially for those desiring to enter into the pulpit ministry.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout the program.

The course of study includes the use of a supplied Study Guide and require outside reading and research. Generally the student will have to write two (2) 3-5 page papers as well as outside reading of approx. 150 pages from different sources, which will be annotated in a Student Reading Log. The student will forward a midterm and final exam to the instructor. The exams are generally true- false and multiple choice type questions and are completed at the studentís convenience. The student progresses at his own pace, one course at a time.

A total of 60 semester hours are required with a minimum of thirty semester hours from CTS. A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours.

Costs: Tuition: $70 per semester hour ($210 per course.) Study Guide: $15 Text Books: As required. Approx. Total Cost w/o Books: $4500.

Degree Courses

CED 111 Life Management Godís Way

This course deals with how to make proper decisions, the management of the soul, spirit, finances, and time. It will help the new student to become centered and focused on spiritual matters. The course includes: Financial Management, Goal Setting, Family Management and Improving Your Personality.

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BTH 106 Bible Doctrines

This course is an introduction to all basic biblical doctrines. It will give an overview and discuss the rudimentary doctrines of different denominations and it lays the foundation for the student who wishes to study extensive Bible Theology. These doctrines include: The Bible, Repentance, and Benefits of the Cross, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Praise and Worship.

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BNT 100 New Testament Survey
     (Between the Testaments through the Book of Revelations)

This course gives a survey of the New Testament from the silent years that were between the Testaments through the Book of Revelation. It gives an overview of each of the New Testament Books highlighting the main topics of each book.

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BPA 120 Praise Life

This course is a comprehensive study of the value of Praise with examples given from throughout the Bible. It also provides insight into the importance of praise that is necessary to build a closer relationship with God. Topics included are: The Lifestyle of Praise, The Summary of Praise and Why Should I Worship.

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BOT 111 Old Testament Survey I (Introduction through II Samuel)

This is a survey of the Old Testament from Genesis through the Book of II Samuel. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course is excellent for the new Bible student that is unfamiliar with the Old Testament.

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BOT 130 Old Testament Men and Women of Faith

This course is a study of the men and women of the Old Testament who were outstanding in their faith. Their lives can be seen as examples for us in our walk as Believers today. Some of the characters included in the commentary are: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Ruth and Esther.

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BOT 122 Old Testament Survey II (1st Kings through Malachi)

This is a survey of the Old Testament from I Kings through the Book of Malachi. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course, being a continuation of Old Testament Survey I, will complete the overview of all of the Old Testament books.

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BTH 141 Introduction to Bible Theology I

This course is an introduction to Biblical Theology and Bible Doctrine. It will give insight on the derivation, development and design of the Holy Scriptures. It also includes an explanation of the Law, the Patriarchal Period, The Historical Books, the Poetical Books and the Prophetical Books.

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BPA 140 Preparation for Ministry I

This course gives comprehensive details on the spirit, function and service of the Armor-bearer as seen by the biblical perspective of the Old and New Testaments. It also entails the attitudes necessary for true Christian service. Those attitudes include: The Mind of Christ, Singleness of Heart, Functions of the Servant and Becoming Principled People.

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CCS 101 Christian Counseling 100

This course will give a basic overall view of the need for Christian Counseling. It will also familiarize the student with different areas of counseling theories and techniques. Some of the major topics are: the Church as a Healing Community, Systems and Social Networks, and Groups Counseling.

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BNT 214 New Testament Studies I (The Gospels)

This course is a detailed study of the four Gospels, paying special attention to the style and approach of each writer. It defines the writerís perspectives and gives some cultural background information. Each of the four Gospels begin with an overall outline and then begins to give topical information as well as introducing key chapters and verses that give the complete thought of each writer.

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BNT 215 General Epistles

This course is a basic study of the General Epistles which includes James, I and II Peter, I, II, III John and Jude. Each book gives a somewhat detailed account of the writer and his intent for writing the book. Each chapter begins with an overview of the book in the form of a survey and then outlines and highlights the progression and order of each book. Finally, the main thrust of each book is discussed.

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BPA 240 Preparation for Ministry II

This course details the need for the Helps Ministry and the Motivational Gifts within the Church and the overall Body of Christ. The subjects seen in this course include: The ministry of Elijah and Elisha, Working in the Helps Ministry, Having a Vision, The Gift of Serving, The Gift of Teaching, and The Gift of Mercy.

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BPA 260 Awareness of Church Government

This is a study of the various types of Church government, such as the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Congregational, and Independent. It will discuss these branches of church government in-depth as well as the offices of Pastor, Elder, and Deacon.

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BTH 252 Introduction to Bible Theology II

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Bible Theology I. It will detail the production, propagation and principles of commitment to Christ and also the proper perspectives on Bible Study. It will give a detailed account of the productive practices of Bible Study to enhance the life of the Believer.

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BPA 270 Godís Principles for Biblical Prosperity

This course discusses the proper way to use finances and the stewardship of Godís money. It will expound on the godly principle of Sowing and Reaping and making God the Lord over your finances. It will also discuss the aspects of Poverty, Wealth and faith.

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CCS 211 Christian Counseling 200

This course is a continuation of Christian Counseling 100. It will give a more in-depth study of what Biblical Counseling actually is and who is qualified to counsel. It will discuss Family Counseling, Singles Counseling and Financial Counseling.

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CED 211 An Introduction to Christian Education

This course surveys the teaching methods of Jesus and demonstrates the need for Christian Education in the local Church. It will explain the relationship between expectation and education and how to use education as an application for a life change.

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MIS 232 Missions

This course will give an overall definition of Missions and the need for World Wide Missions from the Old Testament and New Testament perspective. It will discuss the Great Commissions, the Post Resurrection Ministry and the Voyages of Paul.

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MIS 240 World Geography for Missions

This course gives an overall look at World Geography and its relationship to the Bible. It will use demographics and other information to explain the work of Missions and Missionary leaders throughout the World.

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